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Health Insurance – Most older folks will tell you that ‘health is wealth’. No matter how strongly they state this, most youth of any generation will find it hard to grasp the importance of this statement. In contemporary times in particular, the younger generation will even blatantly declare that they would rather live a short life of debauchery and pleasure than to live a long, healthy and boring life. This disappointing naivety of the younger generation stems from their lack of experience and heavy responsibilities. Regrets won’t be apparent until later in life when most of them will be the next generation of adults with families who depend on them. Those who have abused their bodies to breaking points will realize how getting admitted to hospitals frequently takes a huge toll on the family’s financial and emotional resources. Instead of having some extra resources to enjoy life with the spouse and children, they burn most of their hard earned money to fix medical issues that are outcomes of heavy abuse from younger days and are only recently starting to surface. On an even darker note, death at an early age from illnesses is also another drawback of wanton lifestyles. Children deserve to spend more time to bond with their parents and absorb wisdom and guidance as much as possible. Dying at an early stage in life, the only wisdom the dying parent can really inculcate with their young ones is ironically, ‘health is wealth’.
Our society needs to be better educated about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
The rewards of healthy living are not only reaped at later stages in life but in concurrent everyday lives. Being healthy means doing more things in life that less healthy individuals can achieve. One solid example is mountain climbing. Compromised lungs from smoking makes this activity a lot more difficult than it should be. People should also recognize the importance of health and life insurance. These days you’d be surprised at how negatively a lot of people will react with setting aside money for insurance. These people are clueless at how health and life insurances greatly help those who have signed up for their services. One can’t really predict the future. A perfectly healthy individual, although drastically reducing the chances of hospitalization compared to unhealthy ones, still has small risks of getting admitted to hospitals from contracting illnesses that are contagious or from unforeseen accidents.
Health insurance coverage is a wise investment
Any mature and experienced adult will tell you to set aside a part of your income to secure one.

Health Insurance

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